November 2017

30 Nov 17

westrow yorkshire

Award-winning Yorkshire salon group, Westrow, has celebrated 30 years in business. Established in 1987 by Steve Rowbottom and Marc Westerman, the group now boasts 11 salons located across Yorkshire and an educational academy in the heart of Leeds city centre. Innovation and a flexible approach to the industry have made sure the company is going from strength to strength 30 years later.

The company flies the flag for Yorkshire on a national and worldwide level. Recognised as a fast growing salon group, it is an exemplar of a business that has stayed true to its principles and retained a clear focus on growth, profitability and the development of its 150-strong team. Westrow places great emphasis on the development of its staff, recognising the vital role that they have in meeting and exceeding customer expectations and driving the performance of the business.

The company has enjoyed recent success, including 40 appointments, and three high-profile industry awards this year alone. This included scooping up the prestigious Business Directors of the Year Award at the British Hairdressing Business Awards in September. Not only did they win the top award of the night, but they also secured their spot in the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame. This is one of the highest accolades in hairdressing and achieving a place is a rarity in the industry, and a first within this category. To be inducted, hairdressers must win the same category three times – a huge testament to the duo’s enduring passion for their craft.

This growth has been based on the company’s ability to respond to its customers’ needs and provide hairdressing services that are underpinned with passion and creativity.

30 Nov 17



La collezione che Davines propone per la prossima stagione è Scene, un luogo in cui le citazioni del passato incontrano il futuro, creando il palcoscenico contemporaneo. Scene si ispira ai codici puliti e minimali dell’avanguardia architettonica di inizi novecento, proiettandoli in un futuro immaginato, evocato da luci geometriche che scolpiscono le forme e restituiscono tridimensionalità al colore.

Collection: Scene
Ph: Andrew O’toole
Make-Up:Daniel Kolaric
Artistic Director: Angelo Seminara
Colour: Angelo Seminara
Team Stylist: Niccolo Torelli


30 Nov 17


Barbieri e parrucchieri: sono queste le categorie meno in regola con gli studi di settore.

Secondo l' Agenzia delle Entrate, che ha messo sotto la lente le dichiarazioni 2016 di commercianti, artigiani, professionisti, piccole imprese sottoposti agli studi di settore, barbieri e parrucchieri risultano in regola con le stime del fisco solo nel 45% dei casi.

Il 55% dichiara invece ricavi troppo bassi rispetto ai parametri fissati dagli studi di settore. Sarà vero? Vi terremo aggiornati!

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